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A New Generation of Hydrofoil Technology

Flying Foil is a company that develops hydrofoil systems that can be fitted to any type of high-speed marine vessel. The system reduce energy usage and increase comfort and seakeeping abilities. This reduces the energy cost and makes zero-emission energy storage both possible and economical on most ferry routes. We use ideas from the past but upgrade them with new technology. Our solution is based on hydrodynamic research, simulations, optimization, control theory and composite materials.

In short, Flying Foil is a one-stop-shop for any shipyard, ship owner or ship designer that wants to convert either existing vessels or new designs into energy efficient hydrofoil ships. We deliver the entire foil system and can assist in both the design phase and the approval phase of the vessel. Currently we are testing our system in prototype scale and are working towards a full-scale trial.

Core Technology

Our goal is to develop the perfect hydrofoil system. That is, we want to maximize the energy efficiency and comfort, while keeping the cost down. Our approach to achieving this is by using our expertise hydrodynamics. We develop several software packages that helps us with both design, control of the vessel and automation.

Optimal wing design

The wing design is based on our specialized design software. A wing that is designed to be energy efficient needs to be finely tuned to account for several physical effects. The overall goal is to lift the vessel at all operating speeds, while keeping the resistance down to a minimum. Our software achieves this using parametric geometry, several simulations tools and specialized optimization algorithms.

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Flight Control System for Maximum Comfort

Our hydrofoil system is equipped with control surfaces that can change the forces acting on the system dynamically and sensors that measure the motion of the vessel. Coupled with our proprietary flight control system, we almost eliminate the motion due to waves. We can achieve this due to accurate tuning of control parameters using our own flight simulator software.

Robust and Efficient Propulsion

In order to push a flying vessel forward, special propulsion techniques are required. We design modifications to commercially available water jet units in order to achieve both efficient and robust propulsion system. The modifications consists of an inlet that is a non-moving part. The purpose of the inlet is to scoop the water up from the ocean to the water jet pump which are placed inside the hull.


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Our Supporters

Flying Foil is supported economically by the Norwegian Research Council through the FORNY 2020 program, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the European Union through the Climate KIC program, Trøndelag County and Innovation Norway